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A century of fun and sun at a magical playground called Crystal Beach. The American Dream came true in Canada as American entrepreneurs such as the Rebstocks and Halls converted a wilderness lakeshore into the Crystal Beach Amusement Park. So great was the demand for this unique and wondrous place that 17 passenger ferries carried millions of people from around the world to the Canadian shore for 100 years. Erno Rossi describes it in his new book, Crystal Beach — The Good Old Days: "In the beginning there was heaven and earth. And on earth there was a heavenly place called Crystal Beach."

Rossi notes the contrast between his last international best seller, White Death — The Blizzard of ’77 and Crystal Beach — The Good Old Days. One is about a major natural disaster and the other is a major human success story. But in both stories the human spirit rises to crush adversity so that your faith is restored in human nature. His Crystal Beach book is loaded with colored photos, confirming the oral histories in his chronicle.

Rossi takes a special interest in the Crystal Beach boat from its launch in 1910 in Buffalo, N.Y. to its cremation in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada in 2004. That boat carried over 18 million passengers to Crystal Beach. Rossi says that he laughed and cried and wondered why as he wrote, Crystal Beach — The Good Old Days. His own Crystal Beach stories are included in his book.

Rossi is a best selling author and historian with a special interest in history with an international flavor.

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Updated: August 13, 2018