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“White Death — The Blizzard of ’77” by Erno Rossi

“The window exploded about 10:30 am.” p.18

“Our dogs would urinate on the TV antennas.” p.19

“We were buried alive for 21 hours.” p.22

“Our cat was frozen to the window.” p.44

“…she was alone when she had her baby.” p.146

“My car was under 35 feet of snow.” p.162

“It took two hours to cross the road.” p.197

“It was 10 below zero in the living room.” p.200

“The birth rate jumped 18%.” p.302


Back cover “White Death — The Blizzard of ’77” 30th Anniversary Edition by Erno Rossi

“Thank god for a pile of shit.” p.42

“She had firm breasts.” p.56

“Five inches of snow were on the bed.” p.106

“We heard the cracking of the timbers in the roof.” p.195"

“I received 13 calls of people dead in cars.” p.230

“We had a very pregnant camel.” p.236

“If I had a gun.” p.268

“The child was brought in alive.” p.302

“Beware of snowflakes!.” p.401


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Updated: September 21, 2011