“White Death — The Blizzard of ’77” A Canadian-American survival classic by Erno Rossi, M.A.


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Beware of Snowflakes!

Toronto, Jan/99


Holy, Moly, Mel and Moe

Toronto had a lot of snow.

And when the flakes began to fall

Our mighty Mel rushed out to call

The awesome might of those in green

Who fell asleep with pleasant dreams.

And in their loyal sleep they'd shout

"Eye ready Mel-- to shovel out!"

But was Mel right to call the Feds?

And have them here to use their beds?

I think it best before you say

T'was right or wrong in any way

To read my book, you'll hold your breath

It tells the truth, it's called White Death.

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Updated: January 30, 2019